Computer Repair Stratford

There are, unfortunately, many ways in which a computer or laptop can become broken and unusable. As well as software and registry problems that can lead to such problems, hardware errors can also have serious consequences. However, rather than recycling your laptop because of a broken screen or other problem, there are some steps you can take to ascertain whether or not you really need to invest in a new machine.


A broken screen may not, in fact, be broken. Do make sure that you’ve checked the plug, the socket, and even the power switch. These may sound obvious but laptop batteries have a limited life and whether yours is dead, or the plug has come loose at the wall, if there is no battery power and nothing to charge it then you will not be able to turn the screen on. Plug your laptop in at another plug, give it a couple of minutes to start the charging process, and then press the power key down.


There may be a screen brightness dial on the side or front of the laptop and if this has been knocked or moved without your knowing then this may be the cause of the problem. Ensure that the brightness is set to a level where you will be able to see the screen when it is turned on and try the checks above.


Laptops and computers use a variety of hibernation and power saving settings. If you’ve left your computer alone for some period of time it may simply be in hibernation and the problem could be as simple as moving the mouse, clicking the mouse button, or pressing the space bar. Alternatively, you may need to press the power button for a few seconds in order to bring your laptop back to life.


Unfortunately, hardware failure and hardware problems can materialise even if you are an extremely careful user. The motherboard or video card may need replacing and if you are not entirely comfortable doing this yourself then you should consider using a company that specialises in computer repair Stratford PC owners can call upon in their hour of need.



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