Coast Campers has a selection of motor home hire that will ensure that you enjoy any getaway

Have you decided that now the spring months have broken the time has come to pack up and embark on a road trip with your friends and family? Are you certain that the motor home hire of Coast Campers will allow you the opportunity to tour the UK on a budget of your own design? If this sounds like just the ticket for you then the motor home hire of Coast Campers could be right up your street.

Here at Coast Campers our goal is to provide fun, flexible and low-cost motor home hire for customers across the UK. From our base in the South East of England we can offer our clients a selection of large Fiat multi-berth motor home hire that will surely provide you with more than adequate facilities to take a tour around the UK.

If you’re heading to Glastonbury with a group of your closest mates, then the motor home hire of Coast Campers is just what you need. Indeed, why would you run the risk of braving torrential rain, and huddling round a cigarette for warm when by simply choosing Coast Campers motor home hire you will ensure a warm and relaxing holiday before jetting off home at the conclusion of the festival.

In addition to the range of camper vans and affordable prices that our motor home hire service can offer you, one of the principal benefits of Coast Campers is the fact that our services are flexible and customer-centric. No matter where you are in the UK our motor home hire service will do our best to go that extra mile for you. We can even meet you at the airport with your motor home hire van at the airport!

To find out any more information about the selection of motor homes that we offer, or indeed to browse our services, you need only come to our website at: is a market leading specialist when it comes to motor home hire which never fails to deliver the goods on all levels. Our VW camper hire is considered highly desirable and sought after.