Christening Gifts

Over the years, christening gifts have not changed a great deal. However, they have become far easier to buy and easier to personalise and there is now far more choice.

Types of Christening Gifts

The most popular christening gifts are still those that are designed to last. As a result, gifts made from silver, pewter and glass are still amongst the most popular. Because these gifts can be engraved, they can be personalised as well as looking good and being durable. They come in all shapes and sizes, spoons and cups are still popular, but moneyboxes and certificate holders also make beautiful gifts.

Some christening gifts are designed to be given to the child now, but some are designed for them to have when they are older. Good examples of gifts are bibles, a child’s crockery set or a wooden toy of some sort. Soft toys, spinning tops or rattles are other examples.

Jewellery is still the most popular form of christening gift. Most of these jewellery related gifts are designed to be worn by the child, so small bracelets are popular. However, necklaces are becoming a more popular christening gift, but these are normally given to the child when they are older and it is safe for them to wear a necklace.

Where to Buy Christening Gifts

It is still possible to buy christening gifts on the High Street. Catalogue shops sell them, however, they usually do not give you the chance to personalise their gifts and the selection they offer tends to be a little limited. You can find a slightly better selection in large department stores and jewellers and they can engrave some products.

However, by far the best place to find personalised christening gifts is on the web. There you get a far bigger selection and it is easier to shop around and find them for a good price. You just need to allow a few days for delivery. If you are unable to attend the christening, yourself most firms will post the personalised gift of your choice to the home of the parents saving you time and hassle.



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