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Choosing the Right Leather

There are many different types of leather, and each will have benefits for very different items. As such, it is not as simple as being told which are the best types of leather in general, but instead it is about understanding which works best in which applications.

Many people assume that leather is merely the skin of cattle. However, from sheep skin to buffalo skin there are many different types of leather which can be used in anything from leather jackets to leather shoes and everything in between.

The type of leather you choose will have a marked effect on price too. Whilst cow and buffalo leather will be extremely high quality, anything made from the skin of pigs is likely to be a great deal poorer, something that can be an issue for those looking for the highest quality garments, but a benefit for those who wish to keep their costs down as low as possible.

However, just because cow and buffalo will offer the finest quality leather, there are times when other forms of leather are actually a great deal more beneficial. For example, the leather created from sheepskin is likely to be far better for leather bomber jackets and even blazers where the resulting garment needs to be more supple.

Should you be looking for leather for protection, always go for the highest quality leather. From biker jackets to alternative protective gear, the strength offered by a cow’s hide is extremely important for those who are buying leather garments to keep themselves protected.

Ultimately, if you want quality men’s leather jackets or even leather bags or chaps, always opt for cow or buffalo leather. If you need something more supple, go for sheepskin. If you wish to get a leather jacket and care more about price than looks or safety, then you may well find that the leather of a pig is the best option.

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