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Choose Skoda Contract Hire for your Company

If you run a company then it is likely that you will need to run a few company cars, which can be used by your employees as and when they need them. If this is the case, then you will most likely find that it is much more cost effective to run a fleet using contract hire than it is to buy the company cars you need outright.

When leasing company cars, you want to make a good impression and this means that you need to provide employees with high quality cars, which will impress your clients. But, you will also need to ensure that the vehicles are cost effective and reliable to run. This is where Skoda contract hire proves invaluable.

Reliable Style

Anyone who has ever owned a Skoda vehicle will happily tell you just how great it was. Skoda cars are designed to offer optimum performance and reliability, alongside luxury and style and this makes them the perfect choice for corporate contract hire.

Save Money

The fact that Skoda cars have run clean engines means that if you use Skoda contract hire, you could save money on your taxes and gain some brownie points from green types as a bonus. This is because personal taxation on a company car is directly calculated on the price of the vehicle and the Co2 which is emitted from the vehicle. As Skoda cars emit less Co2, it is easy to wipe a large chunk off your employee’s personal taxation bill simply by choosing Skoda contract hire.

Other Benefits

There are many other benefits which come with company contract hire. One of the main ones, is the low monthly cost of running company vehicles, which can be as little as a couple of hundred pounds a month depending on the model of Skoda and the number of vehicles you require.

Another benefit would be the amount of time and effort contract hire Skoda’s result in. For instance, you will not need to arrange road tax yourself, as it comes as standard, and you will be covered by 24 hour breakdown, relay and homestart during your contract period too.

If you pay a little extra each month you can also receive full vehicle maintenance, which is convenient and cost effective.


Skoda Motor Contracts is the place to go for the best Skoda lease deals. Visit them today to find out more about Skoda contract hirefor your business.