Cheerful Soles Geox Shoes

Established in the 1990s, Geox shoes have become world renowned for enabling the wearer’s feet to breathe. Small holes in the sole of the shoes allow air to escape which provides the foot with the ability to breathe and stay cool. These holes do not allow water into the shoe which means that the foot is adequately protected. Cheerful Soles Geox shoes are ideal for those that like to feel air around their feet or suffer from hot feet.


Founder of the Geox company, Mario Moretti Polegto, came up with the idea for the shoe while out jogging. He discovered that his feet were especially hot while exercising and, to counteract this problem, he cut holes into the bottom of his shoes. His feet were cooler which not only meant greater performance but it meant improved comfort for his feet. The design has been advanced and improved upon but the basic principle remains the same.


Cheerful Soles stocks a wide range of comfortable shoes that are designed to offer both comfort and good looks. Cheerful Soles Geox shoes range includes a number of styles and in a variety of colours. Whether you’re looking for a pair of sandals or a pair of sensible shoes for everyday wear, Cheerful Soles Geox shoes are an ideal choice for you and for your feet.


Foot comfort is important. Not only does it help protect the feet from damage and from general wear and tear but it can also help to prevent posture problems. It can even help improve posture by providing a comfortable base on which to walk. The body is put under a large amount of stress when walking and by wearing shoes that are not comfortable, are poorly designed, or prevent the wearer from walking naturally, the stresses can be exaggerated and lead to serious physical problems.


Cheerful Soles is a leading online retailer of comfortable, large, and orthotic designed shoes. As well as Geox shoes you can choose from a range of other well known brands and sympathetic shoe designs to ensure that you enjoy comfortable, protected feet thanks to your high quality footwear.


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