Car Servicing

There are many costs associated with owning, running, and maintaining a car. Generally speaking, the newer the car is the fewer problems you will experience during ownership but this isn’t always necessarily the case and even brand new cars could require repairs. One way to help ensure that repair costs are kept to a minimum is to maintain your car properly throughout its life. Use the right parts, check the levels, and take your car for professional car servicing.


Minor scratches and dints can become major problems. The paintwork on your car contains various sealants and protective agents that are designed to stop rust and corrosion. If the paint has worn away or has become badly damaged it is unable to provide the level of protection that it should. Use good quality paint repair kits or have a professional make these minor repairs when they appear.


Tyres that are in poor condition can lead to major problems. You can maintain your own tyres to a degree. Check the pressures regularly and ensure that they are all within the guidelines provided for your make and model of vehicle. Also check the treads to be sure that they meet legal requirements because worn treads are not only potentially dangerous to you and other road users but they are also illegal and could land you with a fine.


The engine uses oil as a form of lubricant and without the right level of oil your car engine can quickly dry up, seize up, and endure major damage. Check in your handbook to determine the type of oil that is required and then ensure that your engine oil level falls between the minimum and maximum level as indicated by the dipstick in your engine. Don’t always rely on internal sensor displays because if there is a fault with these you could be unknowingly causing major damage to your vehicle.


Beyond these types of simple maintenance you should employ the services of professional mechanics and auto electricians to make other repairs. A regular car service will help to ensure that any problems are identified before they become major repair bills.


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