Buying A Replacement Watch Strap

Buying a replacement watch strap is not the simple decision you may initially believe it to be. While it is certainly possible to make a direct swap and buying exactly the same as the strap that you have taken off or lost, this may not be possible or you may simply want a change. First you will need to decide whether you require a strap, band, or bracelet but you will also need to choose the most appropriate size, material, design, and colour to make sure you get the most desirable watch strap.


There are, of course, a number of reasons why you might want to change a watch strap. An existing strap or band may become badly damaged affecting the aesthetic appeal of your watch or simply leaving you with a watch that won’t stay on your wrist. Alternatively, you may simply want a change, and buying a replacement strap can prove the most beneficial option.


A watch strap is more affordable than a whole new watch. Depending on the material and design that you choose, it may be possible to pick up a great looking and brand new watch strap for a fraction of the price of some of the cheapest watches. As most watches rely on standard sizes this means that you can usually even replace the strap and make the necessary changes yourself from home although the job will be easier if you also purchase a watchmaker’s knife or specialist screwdriver.


The leather watch strap is one of the most common types of strap but, if you wear your watch regularly, then you shouldn’t expect the strap to last a lifetime. The strap will be bent and misshapen regularly and while leather is resilient compared to other soft materials, it will become creased and disfigured.


The obvious job a watch strap is to protect the timepiece itself and keep it safely and securely on your wrist. Whether you wear a watch for everyday use or you have a collection of dress watches, replacing the strap can prove a cost effective and highly efficient way of improving both the look and usefulness of your timepiece.

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