Construction and Maintenance

Bifold Doors

What can I say about bifold doors that you haven’t already heard? Well for one that bifold doors are a great alternative to using a conventional back door to get inside or inside depending on your position. A lot of people consider bifold doors just another security risk by adding a very large and very visible entryway into your home that thieves may be able to exploit whether you’re home or not. The reality is that bifold doors do indeed give that sort of idea to the general public, but if you are mindful of locking your doors and are smart enough to have an alarm system fitted in your home, you have nothing to worry about whether you’re at home at the time of robbery or out on errands or on a holiday, and so on. The good looking nature of bifold doors are plain to see, as far as patio doors and the variations upon patio doors go, bifold doors are very nice to look at from an aesthetic perspective. In general the purpose of bifold doors is to give the illusion of better design principles to your home, being able to see out into the garden gives the illusion of space, and the natural colours of the outdoors project themselves into your home, adding a little bit more colour where there was none.

In terms of installation bifold doors are fairly easy to get fitted on their own, but there is a degree of legwork involved in getting your home ready for bifold doors, this includes partially knocking out a wall and levelling the top and bottom off for bifold doors to be fitted. It isn’t advised that you knock the wall out to fit bifold doors unless you are someone with personal knowledge and experience of the building trade. If in doubt with your bifold doors, get a professional instead of doing it yourself or leaving it up to some jack of all trades but master of none amateur handyman that keeps pushing leaflets through your door. You won’t regret it when you get your bifold doors installed.


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