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Benefits of Sash Windows over Single Pane

When prospective homeowners are considering the positive and negative aspects of properties available on the market across the United Kingdom, the quality of windows are arguably not at the forefront of their mind. As the main portal in which natural light can enter a building, windows play an important role within the daily functions of a residential and commercial building to ensure homeowners and companies do not unnecessarily overspend on electricity via the continual use of lighting. Whether it is first build installations or replacements for current existing windows which have become damaged or worn over a period of time, homeowners face an important decision over the choice of window. The significant increase in performance requirements has led to the integration of double glazed sash windows which are fitted within a wood or uPVC-based frame. Such modern-based products hold significant advantages over traditional form of windows which, although were appropriate and fit for purpose within their own era, are no longer practical.

From a design perspective, box sash windows provide increased aesthetical quality to any residential property which can be enjoyed within the interior and exterior. Unlike traditional windows which consisted of a singular pane of glass fitted within a frame, sash windows are manufactured using a panel-based frame which allows for variable numbers of glass panes to be fitted within a horizontal or vertical pattern separated from each other; this is where the ‘box’ part of box sash windows comes from. The strong consistency of frame used within sash windows replaces the lightweight nature of traditional windows which, although operated effectively, caused certain levels of unwanted ventilation and noise via the rattling caused by the thin layer of glass which was not durable from external extremities.

Modern day double glazed sash windows provide ultimate protection and security required across a residential property to ensure homeowners can reside in the comfort of mind that their windows are fit for purpose. The additional strength within the glass and framework ensures sash windows are both easy to clean and require low maintenance, but more importantly, provide heightened security measures against potential thieves and effective sound proofing. Energy efficient glass and framework is also of significant benefit within box sash windows as homeowners ensure their household remains warm without affecting the environment, whilst also reducing monthly energy bills – aspects which traditional windows cannot offer.

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