When we think of cancer treatment we think of radiotherapy and chemotherapy as the main treatment available. There are also alternative therapies available for curing cancer and Hyperthermia Cancer treatment is one such treatment option available for the cancer patients.

About Hyperthermia Hyperthermia is a treatment in which the cancer cells are exposed to such a temperature that they are not able to survive. It is a well known fact that the cancer cells die out when they are exposed to higher temperatures. The higher temperature stops the metabolism of the cancer cells thus killing them. The nice result of the Hyperthermia cancer treatment is that this treatment reduces the size of tumor and increases overall recovery of cancer in the patients.

Process of giving hyperthermia The hyperthermia cancer treatment in Germany, is given along with the conventional medical treatments, which are chemotherapy and radio therapy. The process of giving heat treatment or hyperthermia differs according to the type of cancer present in the body of the patient. The hyperthermia treatment includes giving heat treatment in the form of ultrasound, radio frequency and microwave Various advantages of hyperthermia treatment There are various plus points or advantages of hyperthermia treatment for cancer, in addition to its regular cancer treatment feature. There are no side effects of the hyperthermia treatment on healthy cells of the human body. The hyperthermia treatment targets only the malignant or cancerous cells of the human body.

Further development in the hyperthermia treatment Due to its plus points the hyperthermia therapy, is fast becoming the preference of the cancer patients. Further growth and development in the field of hyperthermia is going on at fast pace.

Alternative to conventional cancer treatment Hyperthermia is also known as fever therapy and has many plus points and advantages that make it an alternative treatment for cancer. Generally the hyperthermia treatment is given to the patients who show no improvement with conventional cancer treatment. The whole body hyperthermia enhances the overall effect of regular cancer treatment and helps in getting rid of the cancer.

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