Are You Ready to Become A Sales Manager?

If you want an exciting career, without a doubt sales is a good option. Sales personnel are needed across all industry sectors, so you can choose an industry that interests you.

If you are good at selling, you can quickly climb the career ladder and earn an exceptionally good living. The top sales managers earn several hundred thousand pounds a year plus commission. You could potentially earn more in a year as a sales manager then you could earn in four or five years in another management role. Therefore, it is well worth planning your sales career to reach this level.

Understandably, firms are only interested in the best candidates for the job. At the very least, they will expect you to be able to prove that you yourself have the ability to sell. In addition, most firms will want to see evidence of previous experience managing a team. The vast majority only look at candidates who have been sales director or team leaders for at least four or five years.

Knowledge of the sector that you will be working in is also beneficial. The interview process is quite long and you will have to go through several workshops to prove your worth. You will have to be able to withstand scrutiny and impress those above and below you.

Where to Find the Best Sales Manager Jobs

However, before you get to that stage you will first need to find jobs to apply for. By far the best place to do this is the internet. The firms with the biggest turnovers pay the best and online recruitment websites make it easy to find well-paying jobs.

Given the fact that the vast majority of these firms only advertise their sales manager roles on recruitment websites that is where you need to go to find the best opportunities. Larger firms rarely advertise sales roles on general job websites.

You should find the biggest sales recruitment agency and sign up for their e-mail notifications. In addition, if you get the opportunity you should upload your CV to their database. Doing so will significantly increase your chances of being offered a lucrative sales manager role.



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