A Watch Can Make a Perfect Gift for a Man

Many men still don’t like to wear jewellery, save for perhaps their wedding ring and a watch. Consequently, many of the usual present ideas for women (flowers, chocolates, jewellery…) are not quite so appropriate for the man in your life. That said, watches can make a great gift, but the trick is choosing the right one to fit in with their lifestyle.

Men’s watches often have many more features than ladies’, including stopwatches, calculators, and even a mobile phone in the case of Orange’s ‘Watchphone’ (although it has to be said that this gadget never really caught on). Designs vary widely from classic metal strap dress watches to plastic and rubber gadget or sports affairs. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose and so a bit of investigative work might be required!

If you can’t find any men’s watches already lying around the house, ask yourself why this is. Some people simply don’t like to wear a watch – in which case your present might well go underappreciated! – but it could be instead because he doesn’t like to wear one while doing his job. Hands on jobs such as labouring or even using a computer can make a watch feel annoying and in the way. In this case, a dress watch might be the best choice, for him to wear at the weekend or on a special occasion.

Sports watches have a fantastic range of features for anyone who loves exercise, allowing the person to time themselves, as well as being easy to read and water-resistant, if not water-proof – perfect for protecting against sweat and unexpected downpours of rain.

Thinking carefully about your partner’s lifestyle, habits and style will help you to find the perfect watch for him – and then he never has an excuse to be late again!

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