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Berghaus Ltd, founded in 1966 by two climbers, is located in the north east town of Sunderland. They named their company Berghaus as it is a literal translation of ‘mountain house’ in German.

From the factory in Sunderland, it manufactures its products and exports them worldwide. Berghaus is a brand popular with outdoor enthusiasts specialising in outdoor clothing for men, women and children as well as outdoor accessories and footwear.

When taking part in activities in the great outdoors, it is essential that you use the correct equipment to ensure your safety and wellbeing. With the Berghaus range of clothing, you can be sure of being kitted out in a great quality and hard wearing gear.

The Berghaus fleece has long been a favourite with outdoor enthusiasts as well as people who just want an easy to wear top layer. The fleece can be worn underneath another jacket such as a waterproof Berghaus jacket for an extra layer of warmth, or on its own as a warm jacket when a waterproof isn’t needed. The Berghaus fleece is designed to allow your body to breathe to avoid you overheating when outdoors.

Berghaus rucksacks come in all sorts of different sizes and styles, so you’re bound to find one which is suitable for what you want it for. The hard wearing rucksack can be used to transport an assortment of items and can even be adjusted to suit the wearer’s size and shape. Many have extra straps to fit around the stomach or chest for when you’re carrying heavier loads. The additional strap helps to distribute the weight more evenly so you can avoid injuries and strains. The rucksacks also come with rain covers to stop the contents getting wet, and come with an assortment of pockets so you know just where everything is!

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