Franking machines could save costs and time for your business

Do you run a business in which may send vast amounts of postage per day or week? By a vast amount, this could be just over 10 letters per day? If so then it may be worth looking into purchasing a franking machine. By doing so could save you time, money and staff hours just by using this simple piece of machinery.

What are franking machines and how could they save you as a business money? Well instead of stamping all mail, using this machine will frank it all for you quickly and efficiently and at a cheaper rate for example you would save 19 pence on a second class stamp and 16 pence on every first. Just think in the long run how this would save your business thousands of pounds! The more mail you send the larger scale of saving you would get back. Not only this but you could use the franking machines to produce address labels and specific labelling stamps for the company which would also save time and costs.

So what do you need to do now? Firstly take a look at your staff levels, times and costs and you could see why it’s definitely worth taking a look into investing in a franking machine. You could then cut down your staff costs and time and start saving for your business.

Businesses in which have already invested in such equipment like the franking machines have now said it’s a need for the company to have not just a nice to have!

Franking machines are now a great piece of modern technology in which companies small as well as large are raving about and like stated before the more mail you send the higher the saving so you really do need to think that a franking machine could be a huge saving for the company. With these savings you could grow your business further, treat the staff for their hard work or invest in more office equipment to ease and save everyday tasks in which have to be carried out.

Franking machines can save your business time and money on postage and administration, Total Post are the UK’s leading distributer of Franking machines, security and mailroom equipment.